Monday, August 9, 2010

Look to this day...

Sometimes, when I am having an ordinary day, I wonder if I am coming to the end of my blogging days. When I have neither witnessed anything extraordinary nor experienced anything interesting enough to retell, or when I have not found a cool bug to pose for me, what's a girl to do! But ordinary is good enough to blog about. The sun rose as usual this morning and will be setting soon. A few yellow swallowtail butterflies were still flitting around, the sky is still an awesome display, and another woodpecker found my house. The electricity, plumbing and water were all in good working order. Stores were open and from the grocery store, I could choose the foods I wanted. One day we may be talking about the good old ordinary days of 2010, wishing we could go back to them. Out there in the land of news and controversy and dire warnings about the universe and other humans on our planet who do not like us and wish to change America, this may be as good as it gets. I am one who believes each day is to be cherished, especially an extraordinary day such as today.

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