Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Fun Volunteer Job

I made it back up the road from Columbia through several cloudbursts that alternated with bright majestic skies to arrive on time at the Greenville mall where the huge book sale was getting set up. Back in June when I realized that I didn't have enough to do, I asked if I could please help with it and was kindly given two slots, today and then on Saturday when the sale will actually be going on. After I signed in I got my instructions, to unpack books in the philosophy section and place them on tables. Philosophy, nature, astronomy, cats...all the subjects seemed to run together as the two other women and I unpacked and swapped and perused the many interesting subjects that ranged from chipmunks to Stephen Hawkings Theory of Everything to hundreds of James Herriot book's to the softcover By Nature's Design, which I bought early for a dollar. On Saturday morning the place will as busy as WalMart on Black Friday. People will be coming with carts and back packs to get their literary treasures. At least that how it was last time I volunteered there.

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