Friday, June 29, 2012

What does 107 feel like?

I may never know. That was the high forecast for today, but I think it reached only 102. It hasn't been too bad, but then I have been inside most of the day in good ol' air conditioning. Maybe tomorrow...About 8:30 this morning, I took my pocket camera out for a pic of one of my pretty nasturtiums, a memory in case it didn't survive the day. It did.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Taste of Disney

We are staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort in Disney World. It is divided into seven groups of buildings that from a distance look like this picture I took from the main pool this morning. The rooms are small, but the amenities are nice especially for the kids. This morning they enjoyed the cute pool, which has a pirate theme, several alcoves and cool slides, but the sky was a gray and it led to a rainy afternoon.

Planning to stay late, we left for the Magic Kingdom mid afternoon, right before the downpour started. On arrival, our first stop was to buy some plastic rain coverings, and we really needed them the next few hours. There were other wet and crazy folks of all ages like us, and the park was packed, long lines at every attraction. We got to see many, missed a few, but we were all troopers and made it through the wonderful fireworks at the end.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Walking with My Father

I was once a little girl who walked along holding onto my daddy's big hand. There was no reason to think any thoughts but happy ones. There were no worries, only faith that wherever he was leading me, it would all be good because I knew he loved me. My earthly daddy has been gone for many years now, but he left me in the care of a loving Heavenly Father whose hand I now hold. I have learned to trust Him as a little girl who trusts her daddy. He does not fail to care for me or to safely guide me through life. What comfort.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A home away

Am attempting a post from my iPhone. Teeth brushed and comfy in bed, I am safely inside this cheap and cozy Jameson Inn in Wilmington. Rain is still heavy and I got drenched just walking in to the front desk. Another guest who was checking in said, "You look like you travel a lot." I said, "I try."

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Matter of Discipline

Reflecting during his time in the psych hospital in St. Remy, Vincent wrote to his brother Theo, “Where I must follow rules, I feel at peace.” Though he was an incredible artistic genius, Van Gogh really struggled with relationships, emotions, finances, and the overall handling of his own life. In the confines of a safe place where he was being cared for, where expectations were clear and limits were set, he flourished. That is true of our psych patients today. At work we often discuss how people whose lives are utter chaos "on the outside" do better in the structured environment we provide. As in the case of psych patients, some people need others to define the structure or rules; others not so much. But whether internal or external, we all need to have some discipline imposed on us. I find that when I make a “to do” list, i.e. set up some goals for the day, which are sort of like my own little daily rules, it helps the day go better. Vincent was filled with insight.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nothing finer...

"It's a great day in South Carolina" you may hear if you call a state government office. Our enthusiastic, young governor has encouraged state employees to answer all phones with this upbeat greeting. It has met with some flak as there are many who think it is not appropriate for all services, but today I agree with the governor. It sure feels like a great day in my part of the state. Gas is always cheaper here and today is below three dollars. Yea! That is something to cheer about. And I went to the building where lots of government stuff goes on to place my absentee vote for next week's local election and to inquire about a possible decrease in tax on my home that I heard about three years ago. Lucky me...I will the decrease, and I will be receiving a refund for overpaying in 2011. Yea! My pay stub came today, the first tomato has been picked from the garden, and I have made grandmommy plans for the next two weeks. A great day indeed.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Toy or Tool

It has been three days since I even bothered to turn on my computer. Why do I need it now that I am in a relationship with my iPhone! As each day goes by, I grow more attached to it. I didn't feel this way when I had the cool, new Blackberry Storm that did many of the same things. It was not a "crackberry" for me, and I easily gave it up. Not so for this little apple device, with its fun apps and clever ways of doing a zillion things, and I wonder how I managed without it so long.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Particular Biography

My trip to the library this week netted me two hardbacks from the new books on the round table near the entrance. The John Ramsey bio was a quick and excellent read that brought tears to my eyes several times. Now I am dipping my toes in the exhaustive Van Gogh biography that came out in 2011. Since my trip to Provence, to Arles whose sunflowers he painted in their various forms, to the St. Paul Asylum in St. Remy where he healed, and especially to Cathedrale d’Images where I saw each little brushstroke of his paintings projected on cavernous, white limestone walls,  I feel like I know my friend Vincent personally, and I declare him not crazy. I do not know how I will perceive this book as it opens up to me, but so far it is unlike the Freud bio I read in winter whose biographer seemed to admire the subject immensely. Instead I am already perceiving negativity, facts but lacking understanding. I hope not only the history will be accurately told, but also that Vincent's beauty will shine as his life unfolds on the pages.