Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nothing finer...

"It's a great day in South Carolina" you may hear if you call a state government office. Our enthusiastic, young governor has encouraged state employees to answer all phones with this upbeat greeting. It has met with some flak as there are many who think it is not appropriate for all services, but today I agree with the governor. It sure feels like a great day in my part of the state. Gas is always cheaper here and today is below three dollars. Yea! That is something to cheer about. And I went to the building where lots of government stuff goes on to place my absentee vote for next week's local election and to inquire about a possible decrease in tax on my home that I heard about three years ago. Lucky me...I will the decrease, and I will be receiving a refund for overpaying in 2011. Yea! My pay stub came today, the first tomato has been picked from the garden, and I have made grandmommy plans for the next two weeks. A great day indeed.

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