Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Taste of Disney

We are staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort in Disney World. It is divided into seven groups of buildings that from a distance look like this picture I took from the main pool this morning. The rooms are small, but the amenities are nice especially for the kids. This morning they enjoyed the cute pool, which has a pirate theme, several alcoves and cool slides, but the sky was a gray and it led to a rainy afternoon.

Planning to stay late, we left for the Magic Kingdom mid afternoon, right before the downpour started. On arrival, our first stop was to buy some plastic rain coverings, and we really needed them the next few hours. There were other wet and crazy folks of all ages like us, and the park was packed, long lines at every attraction. We got to see many, missed a few, but we were all troopers and made it through the wonderful fireworks at the end.

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Brenda Christmas said...

Jasmine is anxious to go to Disney World. I told her to save her money. I went with my family as a teen, and it was too hot, expensive, and boring (long lines) for me. I vowed I'd never return, but if she saves up enough, I will relent and go with her. When it's not so hot and the lines aren't so long.