Monday, October 31, 2011


I sit ready to hop up from my chair at any moment and hand out more candy to trick or treaters. We have had a lot of kids so far and they are dressed in some really cute costumes. The last was a happy witch with her plastic pumpkin hanging on the end of a crooked, forked stick. One girl was dressed as a chef and carried a stainless steel mixing bowl with whisk no less for her sweet treasures. An adorable little yellow Woodstock came by. ... Now a group of six well behaved girls old enough not to be under a watchful parental eye. With each doorbell ring, Tillman gets excited and pushes out the door to greet and get petted. With his creepy bad eye and problem with circling, he is perfect for Halloween. Two pretty Asian sisters bedecked in glittery dresses kept exclaiming, "My gosh he is so cute!!!" Boy did he love their attention! It is a good night for us all. Mainly I hope to get rid of all the chocolates I bought because I ate enough earlier today to last me a very long time...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cute Pets

I have never seen as many adorable animals as I did at the big pet store this afternoon. Up and down the aisles, people were shopping with their oh-so-cute pets, my favorite this woolly goldendoodle. Then cats and dogs in all sorts of dress started coming in. A green-eyed black cat fully dressed in a pirate costume including plumed hat, a small dog in a pink tulle ballerina outfit got lots of attention and photographing. I didn't know there was a contest for best dressed at 4! I was glad I had my camera.

Opinions from the News

Another bad character killed. I am not impressed. There will always be evil crazies seeking power, and others will rise to claim the top positions. But it does remind me of a good still left in America, the peaceful transition of leadership.

When a murder is committed, people seek motives, almost as if that will make it understandable or rational. If only it were that easy. I think it shows what mental illness, emotional turmoil, and now drugs can do.

After working hard in a private sector job, I took a government job for two years. It was so slow, I couldn't bear it. I had to stretch out my work to make it last a full day, but when I left, two people were hired to replace me. Back then, I observed that it was the lowest level of the many workers who, because of protocol, actually called the shots and as a result ran the place. I also observed so many unnecessary positions. What a contrast with my well organized, productive private job.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Long lasting gift

Back in the spring, John gave me something he made at school, a baby zinnia plant in a tiny cup. I suppose he was supposed to give it to his mother, but his little heart is always thinking of others, and he impulsively gave it to me instead. I placed the infant plant in my garden when I got home that evening, but the next day, strong winds and rain battered it, and I wondered how it would survive. But it stayed strong in its little spot and grew beautifully through the rest of the season. In fact it was really the only successful outcome of my pitiful little garden. It is still pretty and producing buds as if it thinks it will last forever, and each time I see it I think of my sweet grandson.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My New Small Appliance

My old coffeemaker gasped its last a few weeks ago. For me, the only coffee drinker in the house, I usually use a small French press, so the old Braun did not get used so often. Nevertheless, it lasted twenty years, rest in peace. Sometimes I regret a purchase I have made, like the front loading washing machine or the Omega juicer, but other times I think I made a good decision. The Cuisinart coffeemaker I eventually selected was a great decision! There's nothing like a great cup or two of coffee in the morning. I think the water filter and the slow brew make it happen.

Friday, October 7, 2011


With Steve Jobs' death, his life became news. We the public knew him as the brilliant innovator who brought us wonderful new things to marvel over and enjoy, but we weren't privy to his personal side. Now we can glimpse into his gene pool and his fifty-six years to try to see what factors contributed not only to his genius but also to the ability to confidently follow his dreams. I find people infinitely fascinating, and I like to understand them by putting together the pieces that I know about. In his case, I find it interesting and amusing that a man whose last name is Jobs created so many of them. As one obit said, he leaves behind 49,000 employees.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just today

I haven't been so interested in blogging lately, although I do think about it. Sometimes I wonder if I should opine about something in the news, compare today to yesterday, provide the answers to all of life's problems, or find something interesting in my day to share with the world. Then I think...nah. In Scarlet tradition, maybe tomorrow. Several tomorrows have come and gone, fall is making its presence, and I am one day closer to experiencing the Mediterranean in Netanya, Israel, floating in the Dead Sea, singing Amazing Grace in the Garden Tomb, and getting my fill of falafel.How wonderful it will all be. I have decided to do my blogging about it right here. So keep posted...