Monday, October 31, 2011


I sit ready to hop up from my chair at any moment and hand out more candy to trick or treaters. We have had a lot of kids so far and they are dressed in some really cute costumes. The last was a happy witch with her plastic pumpkin hanging on the end of a crooked, forked stick. One girl was dressed as a chef and carried a stainless steel mixing bowl with whisk no less for her sweet treasures. An adorable little yellow Woodstock came by. ... Now a group of six well behaved girls old enough not to be under a watchful parental eye. With each doorbell ring, Tillman gets excited and pushes out the door to greet and get petted. With his creepy bad eye and problem with circling, he is perfect for Halloween. Two pretty Asian sisters bedecked in glittery dresses kept exclaiming, "My gosh he is so cute!!!" Boy did he love their attention! It is a good night for us all. Mainly I hope to get rid of all the chocolates I bought because I ate enough earlier today to last me a very long time...

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