Saturday, October 22, 2011

Opinions from the News

Another bad character killed. I am not impressed. There will always be evil crazies seeking power, and others will rise to claim the top positions. But it does remind me of a good still left in America, the peaceful transition of leadership.

When a murder is committed, people seek motives, almost as if that will make it understandable or rational. If only it were that easy. I think it shows what mental illness, emotional turmoil, and now drugs can do.

After working hard in a private sector job, I took a government job for two years. It was so slow, I couldn't bear it. I had to stretch out my work to make it last a full day, but when I left, two people were hired to replace me. Back then, I observed that it was the lowest level of the many workers who, because of protocol, actually called the shots and as a result ran the place. I also observed so many unnecessary positions. What a contrast with my well organized, productive private job.

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