Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Change for the Better

This week I have enjoyed watching the Republican Convention on C-SPAN, no commercials or interruptions. For the past hour or so I have been listening to words of admiration and respect for Mitt Romney by those who know him well, whether in business or church. Earlier Orrin Hatch addressed a question about their shared religion. He said if anyone ever had a Mormon family in the neighborhood, their character would be evident. Matter of fact, a Mormon family lived next to me for a few years, and they were great. I remember one time when I heard the roar of a lawn mower in our back yard. I knew it was not the hubby. When I looked, I saw the man and his son out there doing a good deed. I was so impressed.

It seems that most of the speakers during the past couple of nights have been first generation Americans, a population I always thought was the most patriotic. They are people who were taught to appreciate what our country offered including the opportunities to go and grow and become. Americans like me, whose ancestry goes back many generations, can tend to take it all for granted. At least I have tried to be a good citizen and not abuse the privileges of my citizenship.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stay Far Far Away

BiLo occasionally has buy one get one of these delicious salt and pepper cashews, and I promise never again to cave to the bargain. They are one of those foods I eat too much of like Publix Mint Moose Tracks ice cream and my hospital cafeteria's fried zucchini. Next time they are on sale, I must remember to walk by quickly.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Don't fool US twice...

In less than three months, we will vote once again for the highest office in the land. I admit that when I was younger and busier with my children and other things, I didn't try to find out much about the candidates. I would hear a little bit of info, maybe prefer the sound of one name over another or the way they looked, and that would be the basis for my vote. Pretty pitiful, but I think voters in the last election may have done the same as I did when I had a lot going on and was naive about politics. Four years ago, with access to all kinds of info, I decided to find out about the people who were running, especially Obama. Who was he anyway? I knew something wasn't right with him. He didn't seem to have the smarts or the passion for the job. His words were glib and simple. Much of the media however seemed to heap him with positive attributes that I did not see. Thinking he may not be what he wanted to portray, I first googled "Obama is a puppet." Wow. There was much out there the general public did not know. The info kept coming - if you looked for it. No valid social security, still no legitimate birth certificate for America to see, Communist connections from birth, no college records, one lie or cover up after another. Best sellers have exposed him as a fraud, and a movie that was out this weekend was supposed to have shown his true colors. I hope folks who still might be supporting him will open their eyes and minds to the truth. I think we have treated him with kid gloves long enough.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Change Came

The guys who remodeled my kitchen two years ago have been at my house this week doing the same to the old upstairs bathroom. By this time next week, it is going to look really pretty. They are from Michigan but have been South for a while. Yesterday we stood by their truck and talked for a few minutes before they left for the day. One said to me that he could get rear ended from someone disagreeing with the bumper sticker on his truck. I hadn't seen it so peered down to look. "Obama. The reason stupid people shouldn't vote." I had never discussed politics with them but felt some relief that these nice fellas have not been deceived by the antics of the current prez and his comrades. They remarked that neither one has medical insurance but they do not want Obamacare. Though I am Republican, I have voted for a Democrat on many occasions if I felt it was a better choice. Now I feel sorry for the old Democratic Party, a once worthy opponent. It has been hijacked by a repulsive idealogy that is nowhere near American. I think there must be sensible but loyal Democrats out there wondering what happened and which way to turn. More on this later...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

ID: Long Tailed Skipper

Over the past couple of years, I have planted things in a corner of my yard that I hoped would attract bees and butterflies. My plan worked. This morning several types of bees were amicably enjoying the bounty and some cute skippers were flitting about on the black knight butterfly bush. I think this is some kind of skipper, but so far I haven't identified it. I think it is remarkable how different a butterfly looks when its wings are spread.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Vision, My Wisdom

Many years ago when I became a nurse, I also became an irregular church attender. But when I do go, I always get strengthened by something in the service, often a song. This morning we sang Be Thou My Vision, a favorite that I first heard at my high school commencement ceremony when I was seventeen. I love the minor chords and the deliberate tempo, but mainly the words of love toward God. I thought how pleased I feel about the Republican ticket this election year, but that our hope does not lie in men however wise or powerful they may be, but in the High King of Heaven. Church is a good place to get our priorities in line.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lesson from the Wok

Chinese cooking taught me a lot about life. I think back to that time when it was a new thing for me. I learned to patiently wash and chop and slice and get all the fresh ingredients ready for a few quick minutes in a hot oiled wok. The work was all in the preparation. Today I benefitted from those Chinese cooking lessons. This morning I woke up with the idea to paint the sunroom. Since I had no other big plans, I went to Lowe's to get my paint and other supplies. (Strangely, the color I chose was unintentionally identical to the paint Jessica and I put on a decade or more ago. I must like a pale creamy yellow.) The hubby helped. Together we sanded and cleaned the walls where needed, placed tape on the moulding and door frame, and spread an old shower curtain on the floor where the paint can would sit, and got our other supplies ready. From there it was almost a cinch. I trimmed, and we rolled the rest in no time to get a prettier room. It all worked like stir frying!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two pretty photos from my back yard this afternoon. I was thrilled to see this huge swallowtail butterfly on my lantana. And the sunflower? I fought the birds and I won. Two seeds survived to flower.