Friday, August 17, 2012

Change Came

The guys who remodeled my kitchen two years ago have been at my house this week doing the same to the old upstairs bathroom. By this time next week, it is going to look really pretty. They are from Michigan but have been South for a while. Yesterday we stood by their truck and talked for a few minutes before they left for the day. One said to me that he could get rear ended from someone disagreeing with the bumper sticker on his truck. I hadn't seen it so peered down to look. "Obama. The reason stupid people shouldn't vote." I had never discussed politics with them but felt some relief that these nice fellas have not been deceived by the antics of the current prez and his comrades. They remarked that neither one has medical insurance but they do not want Obamacare. Though I am Republican, I have voted for a Democrat on many occasions if I felt it was a better choice. Now I feel sorry for the old Democratic Party, a once worthy opponent. It has been hijacked by a repulsive idealogy that is nowhere near American. I think there must be sensible but loyal Democrats out there wondering what happened and which way to turn. More on this later...

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