Thursday, August 16, 2012

ID: Long Tailed Skipper

Over the past couple of years, I have planted things in a corner of my yard that I hoped would attract bees and butterflies. My plan worked. This morning several types of bees were amicably enjoying the bounty and some cute skippers were flitting about on the black knight butterfly bush. I think this is some kind of skipper, but so far I haven't identified it. I think it is remarkable how different a butterfly looks when its wings are spread.


Brenda Christmas said...

Isn't that a moth?

The best place I've ever gone and seen lots of butterflies was the flower garden at the governor's mansion in Williamsburg, VA (the historical one).

Btw, have you ever visited my Christmas blog? I don't think you've ever posted a response there ...

Susannah said...

I looked this up. A skipper is actually a type of butterfly and this is a type of skipper. You can tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly by their antennae. Moths have feathery antenna. That is your science lesson for the day!

I go to your Christmas blog occasionally. I may have posted a response when you told the readers about picmonkey. I will check.