Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wisdom from their Creator

It was strange to see so many springtime robins on the hospital grounds this week, but you couldn't miss them. There must have been at least a hundred. Whether on the ground or in the trees, they were so noisy, and it sounded like they were sending distress calls to each other. Maybe they were. It was the same on Monday when I was there. We could even hear them through the closed windows as they chattered and screeched. Mother Nature imparts a wisdom on creatures that we will never know, but it is clear to me now that they sensed that bad weather was on its way. Strong winds could can rip their nests from under them and heavy rains could drown their young. Today the crazy bad weather came, unpredictable with brief high winds and vicious rains, and an ensuing drastic drop in the temperature. I hope the robins were prepared, and that they will be chirping happier songs when I see them next. To update: On Friday it was quiet. No distress calls. The few robins I saw seemed content.

Monday, January 28, 2013

a life he influenced

Rob sent me the news that Dr. Woltz, the obstetrician who delivered him as well as Trip and Stuart, had died. I remember him well. As I read his long and glowing obituary, I could tell that his almost ninety-nine years were full of joie de vivre and that he was loved and admired by many. He may have been surprised to know the impression he made on me. During those prenatal visits, he was not only checking the health and progress of my baby and me but also shaping some of the ways I behave today, especially my future nursing career. I was a naive twenty year old when I started seeing him during my first pregnancy, but I remember that at each visit, he was positive and smiling and fully engaged with me. Then at some point, as I was sitting there talking, trusting and unaware, he would stand, and with a few positive words he would quickly end the conversation, then happily usher me to the door. At some point during the visit, he would reassure me with, "You are perfect!" Though I am sure he said that to all the girls, it was still good to hear. Twenty years later when I became a nurse, I remembered the way Dr. Woltz had treated me when I was his patient, and I emulated him. I listened well, validated the patient, and often I would find a way to slip in the word perfect. Then I would end the session quickly on a positive note. So not only did he deliver my babies, he taught me some valuable lessons that endure with me until this very day. He was my doctor but also my teacher.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

snowy trees

After being the worst one in my watercolor class, I had some success today with this one color, one brush, negative painting. Right when I was about to give up!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not so bad

I used to love Cathy whose comic strip life ended a few years ago. Most women could relate to this cartoon character as she struggled with her diet and relationships but especially that detestable dressing room mirror.  The agony on Cathy's face and her exclamations in the bubbles (egad!)showed that trying on clothes in stores was just too exasperating. Most women know that dressing room lights can be harsh and cruel, exaggerating every little line and lump of cellulite.


Today I was in Marshall's. I wandered about looking for something I couldn't live without and chose some clothes to try on. I pushed my cart to the dressing room area, got my number card (six), found a spot, hung my clothes, and soon realized something was different in there. I didn't look half bad! The lights were soft and flattering. All the clothes I tried on were just right. How wonderfully odd. As some great jazzy music played, I danced around and found that I was enjoying that tiny space a little too much. So I managed to get myself and the clothes together, and headed back out. As the pleasant, young attendant was taking my stuff, I told her, "That is the best dressing room I have ever been in!" She smiled and said she liked it too.

Too bad Cathy has moved on. I would like to tell her I found a dressing room not to hate!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Yard Today

If big trees shade your property, you, like me, probably have a high maintenance yard. After many years of figuring out what to so with the many twigs, limbs, and leaves, I decided to use the yard waste pick up service offered by the garbage folks. Every two weeks when I take it to the curb, I pat myself on the back for making such a wise decision. It has been such a sunny and pretty day, a good time to roll the can around to the back yard and fill it up, I thought. As I picked up tree litter, I noticed that some plants seem to think it is already spring. This sedum had stuck some leathery little leaves up through the ground and layers of leaves.

The Lenten rose was blooming. When does Lent start this year? And there are patches of the curly, green weeds that usually don't show up for another six weeks. More potential filler for my smart yard waste can.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A great find at Fresh Market today were some exquisite spray roses for only five dollars a bunch. I bought two, one bunch in an orangy-red and the other an antique pink. With them now in their vases, I feel like I am in a fine British home

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Warm January Day

Who knew that the planned trip to Conway would be during this beautiful, warm January weekend. How lucky could we be! We managed a quick trip to the Boardwalk at Myrtle Beach yesterday and got our feet wet in the cold surf.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

British Influence

As the third season begins, I am finally getting into Downton Abbey, thanks to Netflix. Three leisurely viewings of the first show along with a serious study of the characters, actors, setting and times gave me all I needed to get started. Then I watched in succession and with fascination the other six episodes of Season 1. What a surprise afterward when I started hearing my own thoughts in an English accent, but I can’t say I didn’t love it.