Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Yard Today

If big trees shade your property, you, like me, probably have a high maintenance yard. After many years of figuring out what to so with the many twigs, limbs, and leaves, I decided to use the yard waste pick up service offered by the garbage folks. Every two weeks when I take it to the curb, I pat myself on the back for making such a wise decision. It has been such a sunny and pretty day, a good time to roll the can around to the back yard and fill it up, I thought. As I picked up tree litter, I noticed that some plants seem to think it is already spring. This sedum had stuck some leathery little leaves up through the ground and layers of leaves.

The Lenten rose was blooming. When does Lent start this year? And there are patches of the curly, green weeds that usually don't show up for another six weeks. More potential filler for my smart yard waste can.

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