Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not so bad

I used to love Cathy whose comic strip life ended a few years ago. Most women could relate to this cartoon character as she struggled with her diet and relationships but especially that detestable dressing room mirror.  The agony on Cathy's face and her exclamations in the bubbles (egad!)showed that trying on clothes in stores was just too exasperating. Most women know that dressing room lights can be harsh and cruel, exaggerating every little line and lump of cellulite.


Today I was in Marshall's. I wandered about looking for something I couldn't live without and chose some clothes to try on. I pushed my cart to the dressing room area, got my number card (six), found a spot, hung my clothes, and soon realized something was different in there. I didn't look half bad! The lights were soft and flattering. All the clothes I tried on were just right. How wonderfully odd. As some great jazzy music played, I danced around and found that I was enjoying that tiny space a little too much. So I managed to get myself and the clothes together, and headed back out. As the pleasant, young attendant was taking my stuff, I told her, "That is the best dressing room I have ever been in!" She smiled and said she liked it too.

Too bad Cathy has moved on. I would like to tell her I found a dressing room not to hate!

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