Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wisdom from their Creator

It was strange to see so many springtime robins on the hospital grounds this week, but you couldn't miss them. There must have been at least a hundred. Whether on the ground or in the trees, they were so noisy, and it sounded like they were sending distress calls to each other. Maybe they were. It was the same on Monday when I was there. We could even hear them through the closed windows as they chattered and screeched. Mother Nature imparts a wisdom on creatures that we will never know, but it is clear to me now that they sensed that bad weather was on its way. Strong winds could can rip their nests from under them and heavy rains could drown their young. Today the crazy bad weather came, unpredictable with brief high winds and vicious rains, and an ensuing drastic drop in the temperature. I hope the robins were prepared, and that they will be chirping happier songs when I see them next. To update: On Friday it was quiet. No distress calls. The few robins I saw seemed content.

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