Thursday, August 12, 2010

Canine Visitors

I told my co-workers that I am trying to age out gracefully and that's why I do not want to work as a staff nurse anymore. Though I loved it - well most of it - I just think it's time to leave that sort of work to the younger folks, those sixty-five and under. For me I am happy with my occasional office type job. High time, I say, to take it a little easy. As part of this new job one I must do a little PR with other parts of the hospital. Today I went to the pediatric floors to say hey. When I got to the Peds ICU door, I entered with a pack of dogs. Not to worry. They had been invited and were expected. All were well groomed, beautiful, friendly therapy dogs. If they had not had such loving owners, I would have gladly have taken any of them home. I had already started thinking how Tillman would adapt to having a blondish labradoodle in the house. cheers up most patients (and staff) to have a petting session with a nice dog, and it is healing as well. In the words of the all wise web, "Research confirms that just being in the presence of an animal can lower our blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, help with anger, depression and loneliness, and even reduce the perception of pain." I guess dog lovers have known that all along.

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