Monday, March 14, 2011

watercoloring novice

When I decided to try watercolors, I had no idea what to expect. I just knew I liked the pretty colors, soft edges and the ethereal feel of most paintings. For the past few months, I have learned it takes quite a bit of skill to master something that appears so simple. First is the gathering of equipment, and that requires some education. Brushes come in different styles, bristles, and sizes. I must learn how each works. Paper must not come from those bound, blank watercolor books in the craft stores. Oh no. It must be a large sheet sent directly from England to the only art store in town. Now for the paints, or pigments as they are more precisely called. What a selection! The tiniest tubes are the most expensive and of course are the best. No student grade paints will do. And I must have a good range of colors to choose from. The large white palette with the big middle area for mixing was my first purchase, but it sat useless until I learned how to arrange it - like the color wheel naturellement. And there are other accessories such as the right tape and board for placing the paper while working on it, a natural sponge and paper towels for sopping up loose watery paint, and so on. Right now I spend more time thinking and learning and dreaming about all those pretty colors than I do working at it. But I know I will get it.

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