Thursday, March 24, 2011

At Today's Meeting

At the monthly meeting of the Republican Women’s Club, the ten of us around our table were munching on salads and looking forward to hearing Newt Gingrich speak when we saw a small parade of folks - photographers snapping pictures, perhaps security, and then Newt himself - striding down the aisle by our table heading toward the podium in the front. Some of us, including me, were close enough to stick out our hands for him to shake as he walked past. He gave an intelligent, common sense talk, answered some questions, and I scribbled some key words on my Buzz Lightyear notepad. After the meeting adjourned, he went to a room across the hall to sign books, and I joined the long line to wait my turn. (I like books signed by the author.) When I reached the table where he was sitting pleasantly, pen in hand, I crouched by him for a photo op. I felt kind of silly doing this, but nevertheless, that is what I did. I am not a follower of any of us flawed humans, but I believe him to be a statesman who deeply cares about this country. I believe he “gets it” as we say. I think I understood him to say he is ready to take whatever fire may be thrown at him and perhaps run for president.

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