Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little peeve

I am plagued with quite a few pet peeves. I don't dwell on them but they can be temporarily aggravating. This afternoon I was grinding my teeth over one while at the grocery store. I pushed my loaded cart toward the young cashier and started placing my things on the conveyor belt, which started rolling with item number three. Sometimes I bring bags, today I had not, but I am not one who loves to collect those aggravating, sticky, billowy plastic bags. I said to the bagger standing at the end, ready to stuff whatever came his way into one, that I do not want my large already bagged things in another bag, and I do not want a lot of bags. At Whole Foods they would have gotten it, but not this young fellow at this mainstream place. Of course that sort of thing is hard for this shopper to oversee as I was having to empty a cart and hand over my special "discount" card and prepare to pay. I managed to grab the bag of cat food and put back in my cart for carry-out before he over-wrapped it in a useless bag, and I swiped the big soft container of napkins and did the same. When I got home and unpacked, there were six bananas as sole occupants of one bag, two small containers of hummus in another - bags coming out my ears! When will they listen! When will I ever learn to plan ahead!

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