Friday, March 4, 2011

A little improvement

I blame it on the feng shui. A few weeks ago when I rearranged my little room/studio to accommodate my new interest in watercolors, I moved my computer station to a spot that I thought would be OK but in fact was awkward and uninviting. Yesterday as I was asking myself why I couldn’t find a thing to blog about, I looked around and - aha!

I know nothing but the name of that ancient practice of decorating, but my eyes were opened to the problem. As a result of the disjointed space I had given to my computer, focusing had definitely become difficult, and just maybe the energy wasn’t good in the room. After a trip to Costco today where I got a perfect little table, and then moving and rearranging, I have a happier place to write and do computer stuff. Better feng shui?

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