Friday, January 14, 2011

The week of the big snow

After the first two lazy days of being snowed in, I cautiously made it the ten miles to work. When I reached the hospital grounds, I found all the little roads around it scraped clean, with huge piles of snow lining the sides. Nobody would have a problem getting in - provided they got that far - so it was business as usual. At home, the roof is still loaded with white and my front yard resembles an ice skating rink, shimmering and glistening when the sun hits at certain angles. My four legged residents are coping in different ways. My adventurous yellow kitty has enjoyed the wonder of the outdoors if only for brief periods, and fluffy black Nora has quietly enjoyed the scene from her perch at the window. Ol' Tillman has been a good boy but he hasn't ventured far. The area around my front door is anything but pretty as he has slipped around, puncturing and coloring the ice and snow with his "business." Next week's anticipated rains should take care of any mess. But it has been a peaceful time. We will long remember the snow of 2011.

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