Monday, January 17, 2011


We are already in the middle of January, which I have declared to be my favorite month. It appeals to the lazy part of me. We still have more dark than daylight, and the weather does not entice me to come out and play. I think it is alright to be a little like the bears who are expected to isolate, sleep and wallow around in the cold months. Of course they have prepared for the sleep-in by stuffing themselves and putting on extra fat - much like I do during December.

Observances during the month can be done during down time, too. A sampling:
-National Get Organized Month
-National Soup Month
-National Clean Out Your Computer Month
-Financial Wellness Month
-National Hot Tea Month
-Shape Up US Month
-International Creativity Month
-Book Blitz Month
*And this is the first day of National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week.

They all sound like good indoor things that can be worked on between naps.

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