Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going to the Movies

In the sunny days of spring or summer, I would rather walk through hell barefoot than be forced to sit in a dark, smelly movie theatre, but in the winter, it is one of my pleasures. This season I have seen only four but have enjoyed them all. (On second thought, maybe True Grit was a little too painfully graphic for me.) Last night we saw The King's Speech, and I see why it is up for so many awards. It is really excellent, and if not for a couple of scenes in which the king spewed forth a stream of "cuss words" in an attempt to overcome his pent up anger, it would have been a solid G. And here again, we have what is called art. The actual story could be told in a sentence or at least a short dry, historical paragraph, and perhaps people would say "Interesting" at best. But in a successful creative endeavor, someone (Hooper and company) has played out the story on screen in a captivating style. Go see it.

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