Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Always Learning

When we are young, the things we must learn are not of our own choosing but where we are directed. From parents we learn language; elementary school teaches us basic math; college points us toward our careers. However when we get old enough, we can make our own choices about what we want to learn. I recently read about the importance of continuing to learn every single day as it contributes to our well being and overall enjoyment of life.

That being said . . . I have always wanted to learn to watercolor. I love the look of watercolors, especially the splashy colorful paintings. Last summer I gave it a try with someone who didn't explain and or really teach, so I stopped after two classes. I needed to learn! Yesterday I started again with another teacher, and now I have someone who can answer any question I throw at her. Watercolor looks like it should be easy. Kids have those little rectangular tins with eight hard colors, and all you have to do is wet your brush and moisten the hard color and then drag it across paper, right? Oh no… I keep hearing such things like watercolor is “unforgiving” and “the hardest media,” and might I add expensive, too. Nevertheless I am quite happy to be learning something that has interested me for so long. Maybe I won’t be that great, but at least I am going to learn how it is done.

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