Thursday, January 20, 2011

Award vs Reward

The Golden Globes were on Sunday night. The Oscars will be coming up soon as well as the various Emmys, the People’s Choice awards, and probably other entertainment award shows. Though it is fun to watch the glamorous celebrities, sometimes the whole thing seems just a little much self aggrandizing, especially when I think of how little time any show is actually on the screen. One entire season of a thirty minute sitcom lasts for maybe just eight or nine hours total (after subtracting time spent on commercials), and most of us put in that much work in one day!

What if other people were judged on their performances in their eight or nine hours of work? Sometimes I wonder...what if all careers gave awards to celebrate their own professions? Who would receive what and what would the criteria be? To compare acting with nursing - since it is the occupation I know - I think of the time spent in education to get that first gig, and the dirty jobs that are the backbone of our careers, and maybe we eventually are able to survive long enough to rise to the top of the pay scale. Nurses are highly visible in the hospital, but there is a big supporting cast of administrative and other support people behind the scenes without whom nursing care could not be rendered. There are plenty of people to thank! But we don’t dress up fancy for public awards. We have a system of small rewards instead. When a patient says, “You’re the one who saved my life,” I will take that over a Golden Globe anyday.

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