Thursday, July 8, 2010

Take Care of Those Elbows

On the evening I got back from a long drive from Disney World, I began to feel a sensation of swelling in my left elbow as if it were filling with fluid. It turned into a hot ball of sqush for about a day and then mostly went away until the next week. Now it seems as if it is here to stay. I figure it is olecranon bursitis, the probable result of repeatedly and inadvertently banging it against my car door and arm rest on the drive back, which I didn't realize I was doing until I drove after the busitis appeared. I also used my elbows (as much as possible) to open doors in public restrooms and there were many trips during the five day stay. The bursitis is not painful but is more of a nuisance, and I am trying to protect it from further injury so it will heal. My elbow let me know I was abusing it. We look at other ways of abusing our bodies like bad diets and not exercising, but elbows are important, too. Matter of fact, all of our body parts are. I'm not complaining, just aware.

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