Friday, July 23, 2010

Collage Class Day 4

This last day we worked on our individual projects mostly, and it seemed that everyone was at a different pace and had a different style. Some finished and some didn't. Some had sentimental value and some were cute such as the big pop art cupcake one girl did. Being a novice, I whipped mine out yesterday without much fuss, and painted papers today that I will use when I collage at home. I hope Caroline will enjoy cutting and gluing when she comes next month. About these three pictures: The one with the fish was done by the girl at the table with me who is an art teacher. She planned and worked diligently on her project, and it showed. I posted a pic her blue background earlier, and now it is almost finished. The other one is mine. The detail is from the bottom where the grass is. That is where you will find the cats.

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M said...

I am blown away! Poetry Collage! Now what could be better than that? : )