Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rest in peace, my friend.

It is a sad day around the house. My precious kitty Daphne has died.

I decided to take her to the vet Friday because she seemed to be having problems with her mouth. Maybe she was losing a tooth in her old age, I thought. But when the vet opened her mouth, we both saw a big red bulge on her lower gums. A tumor, he diagnosed, and it didn't look good. I was to bring her in first thing Monday so he could sedate her and get a closer look. Then he would know what to do. My phone was to be nearby. I got the call around eleven. The tumor was inoperable, he said, because it had roots and was growing into her jawbone. At fourteen and a half years old, the best thing would be to "put her down" now while she was under anesthesia. He had forewarned me of this potential outcome, and I tearfully agreed.

She has been a big part of my at home life, and I am missing her, but the neighbors will miss her, too. They described Daphne as being sociable, unusual in her friendliness and sweetness, and I add that she was as thoughtful and kind as a cat can be. Nora and Sandy gave knowing looks to each other, and I think they are aware she isn't coming back. Expressive little Tillman is missing his buddy.

Our beloved pets, the cats and dogs we take care of and who in turn take care of us, sometimes seem so human. It is hard to lose our best (furry) friends.

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