Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Sweet Poem

When Ashley was here we went to the library, and she found a book of poetry to check out that expresses a child's view of life. Ashley's long gone, but the four weeks are not up, and I still have the charming book. All of the poems sound as if they could be written by children. If not, surely the writers found the child inside of them as their creative brains were at work. The Kingfisher Book of Family Poems is filled with jewels but none touched me any more than this one by Lindsay MacRae.


Will you take my picture?
Will you take my side?
Will you take the pain away
I've tried so hard to hide?

Will you watch me play in goal
In foul or freezing weather?
Could we spend all Christmases
And holidays together?

Will you pack a lunch for me?
Sometimes hold my hand?
Can we be just ordinary?
Do you understand?

When I throw a tantrum
Will you promise not to pack?
If I learn to love you
Will you try to love me back?

Will we see the funny side?
laugh when times get tough?
We will be a family
That will be enough.

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