Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy to Oblige

Life was blissful at first when I was no longer bound by the chains of employment, but over the past month, especially since my plan to move has not worked out, I began to feel at loose ends, as if my life was grinding to a halt. Not that work is everything, but it is one thing, and I am ready to jump back in. Thankfully there is a small need for me, too. Yesterday I completed the process to re-enter the work force at my hospital. It involved spending time in Employee Health updating my info, having blood drawn for a chicken pox titer - a new CDC requirement - getting a TB test even though I will have to have another during my birthday month of August, and giving a urine drug screen. I was fitted for a respirator, had an eye test, and then I was sent to a business person where I turned in many signed papers including one to certify my citizenship and another to say what a great job the employment counselor I spoke with is doing. I will work PRN, a medical/nursing acronym from the Latin Pro Re Nata which means something like "as the need arises." I welcome it.

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