Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oots shoots

August begins next week, and it is the month I have been waiting for, not just because it is a big birthday month, but because it's the designated time when nine of my photos will hang together in a shop for people to see. I'm pretty excited. Choosing some pictures and getting them printed and framed has been a lot of fun. I have given each one a name that I hope will add a little more to their personalities, and I have also named my own little venture, "oots shoots," which may say something about me. Let me explain. My daddy was a photographer. He had a studio when I was a little girl, and chronicling the family over the years, took movies and still shots most of his life. Daddy had a few nicknames for me and he often called me "Ootsie" (sounds like Susy) or "Oots." I think he would like it that I am somewhat following in his footsteps, so it is a little tribute to him. I have placed stickers on the back of each picture with its own name, and underneath is "oots shoots" and the year the photo was taken. I think it ads a special touch.

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