Thursday, May 27, 2010


The landscaper and his helper accepted my open invitation to come back anytime as there is so much work that needs to be done. Yesterday after finishing the front yard, they started on the messy back yard, a potentially lovely place that has overwhelmed me. Though I had a vision for it, I did not have the knowledge or strength to make it what I believed it could be. After only one day in the hands of someone who knows what he is doing, it is starting to look better already. Earlier this year a co-worker recommended a contractor who could "do anything" around the house. How right he was! Not only are they the ones who fixed the chimney but they also placed new vapor barrier under the house, hung a large light fixture, and have done some odds and ends. And there was the guy who showed up to pressure wash the driveway and then paint and repair the upstairs room. I am keeping his number.

I will give the man who lives here with me credit for putting in a new faucet last month and moving the sprinkler around to different places in the yard yesterday, but he is not interested in being a handyman or a gardener. (Bless his heart.) Knowing what to expect makes it easier. The work has been done more precisely and safely by professionals, and is cheaper in the long run. It works better that way.

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