Monday, May 24, 2010

From the audience

Caroline, who has been studying for five years now, danced beautifully three times in the recital yesterday, but it was the three and four year olds who stole the show. Dressed in glitzy, colorful costumes with tutus or shimmy skirts, the ten or so perfectly darling little girls walked out past the curtains, formed somewhat of a line, and as the music started, their two minutes of charming the audience did also. They were not the Rockettes – not yet - and their individual personalities came through as they tried to show the results of what Mommy and Daddy have been sacrificing for in time and money. They were dressed alike but all quite different. One girl would be trying to follow the routine while another was twisting around watching what the girl beside her was doing. One scooted off the stage a couple of times and another ran to hold the hand of her instructor. I like to watch children and picture how they may be as adults. I think we pretty much remain the same throughout our lives. I am a big believer in learned behavior and believe our character is shaped over the years, but I think, barring some horrible trauma, our personalities are fairly well genetically fashioned by the time we arrive on Planet Earth as helpless infants. Will the tiny dancer who diligently followed the toe/tap movements become an uptight person who never wants to break a rule? Will the one who ran to her Mommy fail to follow through with anything?  Something for an observer to think about...

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