Friday, October 22, 2010

Vote for Reading!

The election that will determine about a third of the Senate seats, many governors, and an assortment of other positions across our land is only ten days away. It's a crazy time! This year was a first for me as I contributed to the campaign of the Republican who is running for the State Superintendent of Education. It is something I believe in. South Carolina hovers embarrassingly around the bottom in most things educational. While there are some good schools, fine teachers, and committed students, there must be something amiss. Our people are as capable as any, but I believe there is not enough focus on teaching all about language and reading. (I was appalled at the local adult nursing students I have taught who were poor readers and writers.) It is the most basic educational need in my opinion. If people can read well, they are more likely to succeed in other areas. Let's go for emphasizing that most basic skill. I hope SC does it right and makes a change for better education on election day.

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