Thursday, October 7, 2010

People Business

Being back at work has been a very good thing. I had reached a point in my "sabbatical" that felt like the end of the line, and I didn't like it. So I was quite pleased to go back, and even better, to a role I always enjoyed. I used to help patients once they came to the hospital, now I help them get into the hospital. I like seeing the change in a patient from, for example, helpless and sad to hopeful and cheerful. Most people really do improve dramatically.

Any person who comes to a hospital for a stay or a procedure must sign several papers. One of ours, and it must be the same in any psych facility, may be considered a disclaimer. It says something like, and I paraphrase, this is an inexact science but we will do the best we can. In fact, this is true. Even the most knowledgeable practitioner does not know it all. A career in a people field, is not like the pure science of math. It is on the other end of the science spectrum.
We work with often unpredictable variables. Just as we all are different on the outside, making us recognizable to each other, we are different on the inside. We can predict outcomes, but we do not know. People are endlessly interesting.

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