Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sharing Stories

I must say a few words about my Aunt Margaret, too. At eighty-four and a half, she is remarkable. (Do you notice that as we get older, those half years start counting like they did when we were children?) Her quick mind could put any forty year old to shame, and she still seems to love life. Using the computer, Margaret has written a historical and humorous synopsis of her life and has turned it into neat books for her children and grandchildren. I received a copy, too. It's really a good thing for us to tell our stories - good for us as we review our lives and informative to those who come along after us. Everybody has a story to tell. It seems that my family seems to be blessed with the need or desire to share ours. hmmm . . . I think I will introduce blogging to her next time I am there.

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