Saturday, October 16, 2010

...then the afternoon

Last August we ate at a great little French restaurant here in Wilmington, and though my flounder was fine, I wished I had gotten the beautiful salad that I saw being served at other tables. Since I have been lusting for one since that evening, I put it on my must do list for this short visit. I was glad I did not weaken and go for the triggerfish special, as the salad was even more delicious that I imagined. It worked like this: On the tables in the restaurant is a small metal cylinder with a pencil and pieces of paper on which is a list of potential ingredients for a salad. The diner makes checks next to ten of the items, and the waiter takes it to the kitchen. Then...voila! Dinner is served. Topped on my baby spinach and mixed greens, three of my other ingredients were the creamiest Roquefort cheese, haricots vert, and pears poached in red wine with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. Yummm... Then on to downtown to walk along the waterfront. It was bright and clear this fall day, and memories from childhood floated about my head . . . the drugstore where we would stop for a nickel Coke, the old tugboat faithfully docked, and the market where my Papa took me on some Saturdays. A coupla pix of the afternoon.

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