Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Living Long and Well

If I had asked my ninety-five year old Uncle Marty the secret of his longevity, I doubt he would have identified anything special. He hasn't necessarily tried to live this long. It's just that he has naturally done many right things. Among my observations of him are that he has been a person of moderation, even temperament, and common sense. He is interested in others and directs conversations toward them/us and not toward himself. He is slim and straight, and as to his diet, he eats regular, balanced meals and has stayed away from those loathsome dairy products. In the evening, he enjoys a beer or a glass of red wine. Over sixty-five years ago, he married his one true love, and through the years, they have been lovingly committed to each other. He has also kept good relationships with his children and grandchildren, friends, and extended family. I see Marty smiling most of the time as if he has a deep yet light-hearted understanding of whatever is going on. He does not appear to live with much regret, because I think he has probably tried to live each day the best he could. At dinner this weekend he offered the dinner blessing in a strong voice, and I believed it was not just a rote habit but from the heart. I think it is pretty cool to have this great guy in my family.

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