Monday, October 4, 2010

She determined her course early

People who have a dream and then make it happen are fascinating to me. Jessica was starting eighth grade in a new state, with a new family, and in a new school, and a more well behaved classmate,Traci, admired Jessica's seemingly rebellious nature. They quickly became good friends. Traci was a happy girl but sort of disadvantaged, and we were always the drivers when the two went somewhere. At age thirteen or fourteen, I remember the serious tone her voice changed to when she stated, "I'm going to be a doctor." I probably said something like "how nice" while thinking "how will that happen." I didn't see her as particularly studious, and I knew that even if she were an excellent student, the education would be grueling and expensive. Both girls moved away from Lexington and lost touch with each other, but through facebook they have now reconnected and talked. Traci did become a doctor, an internist to be exact. She also married a doctor. She did not have the traditional advantages, only a goal, a vision of what she wanted, and obviously enough determination to make it happen. How do people do that!

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