Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who will it be?

If you are busy at work, or if you keep your nose in a book or your head in the sand, a South Carolinian may miss all the hoopla. But if you turn on television, answer the phone, or take in your mail, you would think the upcoming Republican primary is all there is! Since I have made up my mind, I find those ads to be just a waste of air time and paper as well as a source of irritation, but on Saturday, the results will be in and the primary will be history. On local talk radio this afternoon, I heard that the pollsters are scratching their heads because they don't see a clear winner. Good for us! The liberal-type media continues to be mystified by the Evangelicals whom they assume abound in our state. Who will those Christians choose? Actually we are a diverse and growing population with about three million eligible voters, and we will come up with a winner. It is interesting, sort of, being a part of the process.

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