Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Today's Class

The watercolor teacher stuck with the apple theme today, working on some basics that I really needed. He gave each of us a picture of an apple with a black background and we were to paint it, the apple, in ten minutes flat. That was a perfect challenge for me because I found I knew more than I thought I did. Then we did another (this pic) focusing on the very black background. When we finished we put all our pics on the board. As you can see, they all look pretty much alike. Mine was not that bad.


Brenda (BBC) said...

Those look pretty good! While they all look like apples with the shine in the same spot, there are differences in shades and shapes -- small differences, but enough to make it interesting.

My mom took a painting class one summer and gave me one of her two projects, a red barn in a winter field, framed. :-)

C of MC Sales News said...

Which one is yours?

Susannah said...

Mine is the one to the high left side of the blue tape. I first did a big one, but made this one smaller because of the inky black background.