Thursday, January 5, 2012

Warming and more

Having more padding than the average human needs does not keep me warm in these cold days as it may seem that it should. I have to rely on layers, wool socks, and cups of hot drinks that heat my hands and innards. For Christmas I got some great loose Jasmine tea and a neat floating tea infuser (thank you Trip and Lori) and a fine and hip china mug (thanks Carin), and I have been enjoying them all together. After my last drink of the fragrant and sweet Jasmine tea, I looked to see what the health benefits could be. Honestly I was surprised to see there were so many. It calms your nerves, helps with weight loss, reduces risk of cancer, and helps prevent fat absorption. I have also been drinking some organic white tea from Stuart the tea man. I have learned that this tea, from tender, young, barely processed leaves, is the very best tea for us because it is so high in antioxidants and improves our body’s immune response. Both of these teas need no adulteration by sweeteners since they taste good enough without. I think the case for tea will keep me drinking on through summer.

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