Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sexy Boots vs. Black Pants

I followed four skinny college girls into church this morning. Three were dressed in short skirts, leggings, and almost to the knee leather boots. The other had on tight blue jeans with the tall boots. Each walked with a confidence that a girl gets only when she knows she is well dressed. Me? I had on my best pair of black pants. As any working woman knows, you cannot have too many pairs of black pants. It is almost a uniform among us women of a certain age and size. They can be denim, twill, stretchy, or dressy. They go with anything, can be dressed up or down, make you look thinner, and people are less likely to notice your below the waist parts when they are covered by the darkest of colors. What a blessing they are! It would be fun to once again have the young body that honestly I hardly got to know. I think I would have loved those long boots. But I am settled into being the mature me now, and that includes a wardrobe of black pants for any occasion.


Brenda (BBC) said...

Oh yes, I have black pants in all sizes, and today I wore my good black jeans to church because they fit the best. I used to wear black palazzo pants to church all the time, but then I lost weight, and there was just too much fabric swishing around!

C of MC Sales News said...

Thumbs up for sexy boots!