Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Fall Day

We are four days into November in the year 2010. The sky is overcast after the morning rain, and the air is almost cold. Here in Greenville, leaves of many colors are slowly billowing from trees and will soon leave them bare. I have been keeping busy with my interesting work most days but twice this week have stayed at home while the men were here to finish the kitchen. My lack of decisiveness has delayed the job. No rush to return to those old kitchen habits! Today I have been mulling over the paint color for the walls in the eating area. I am thankful to have these skilled workers to do what I cannot. I have tried to do things myself without much success. I have learned that I need to do what I do well, so I can pay somebody else to do what they do well. It is less messy that way. Such is life . . .

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