Friday, November 12, 2010

Art and Math

Last year I came to the conclusion that the universe is all based on math. It was my close up photography that did it. The more I looked deeply into a God made object like a flower, the more I saw the geometric - or what I decided must be a mathematical - design. And I saw the design often repeated in other natural objects. Without looking at a flower mathematically, we may just conclude that it is beautiful, a work of art. For art to be visually pleasing, it should be mathematically correct, and that correlates with arcs, ratios, intersections, spirals, patterns, sequences. When we listen to music, we hear math at work. We are limited by our language, but today I have been thinking that whether or not we are aware of it, art is math, or at least it's a part of the spectrum of what we call math.

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