Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'll Take It

At one time I felt like an artist. It was not because I created any grand works but it was because of the way I viewed the world around me. Art was everywhere, I saw it in color and shape and design and symmetry. I noticed the way light, dark, and shadows played off each other, for example, and I divided people into those who could see the art and those who couldn't. Though I had this emotional connection with art, in reality it never was a very big part of my life. And as the years rolled along, I settled into feeling mostly like a mother and a nurse, and rarely did anything arty, until this summer when I had some of my photos nicely framed. Since some of them were invited to hang in that frame shop under the heading of my name in bold black letters, the shop considers me one of their "artists" now. I am flattered, but I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying, "I am really a nurse." Tonight there was a reception, and all of us who have designated spots with our names above our artwork got to mingle and share tips with each other as well as visit with guests who came to meet us. One person wanted a picture with me! (Hilarious, I know.) I am going to have to work on feeling like an artist again.

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