Saturday, November 20, 2010

Health Tip

I have finished my shower and am ready to take on the day. I love a shower and getting all nice and clean.

Back in the seventies I learned something that changed the way I shower. I was interested then as now in health and diet and bought a book titled "How to Get well." It had a recipe for a mixture of natural oils for your skin, recommendations to treat various annoying physical problems, and talked about the benefits of teas, herbs, and juice fasting. I tried several things, but the one that I have continued all these years is to finish my shower with cold water, as cold as I can take it, for as long as I can take it. Sometimes I can do cold and sometimes it is just cooler and for just a few seconds. I don't know how beneficial it has been, but so far, so good. I have been a pretty healthy girl.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you.....sounds invigorating & very Japanese....Pat