Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life around a Hospital

It is no wonder so many television dramas (and a few comedies) have been centered around hospitals. They are full of interesting stories. On this sunny day as I walked out through the dining room and lobby of the main hospital and up the sidewalk that goes to my smaller building, I passed worried faces, intense looking physicians in white coats, a patient in a hospital gown pushing his IV pole, an old tan sedan dropping off a tired visitor, and employees with purposeful quick steps greeting one another. And I thought of all that takes place on a medical center campus. Life begins and ends here. There is healing and helping. It is filled with strong emotions such as grief, frustration, anger, relief, gratitude, helplessness and happiness.

It is no wonder that family members of the patients settle in well. The grounds are nicely maintained with mature shade trees. Common areas inside are clean, organized and well decorated, a respite from the dwellings of the poorer patients. Peaceful art hangs on the walls, and in our hospital lobby quiet yet familiar tunes come from a player piano, a grand piano no less. Around the clock prepared food is easily available for anyone who is willing to pay the small fee.

It is no wonder that someone, especially a people person, would like to work in a hospital. It is stimulating and challenging giving us an opportunity to flex our mental muscles and sometimes the physical ones, too. It is an opportunity to be part of teams that lend themselves to supportive friendships. Employees from various socio-cultural and educational levels work at their own distinct jobs to make it all happen. (No wonder medical care is expensive.) And to top it off, we get paid to be a part of the drama.

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M said...

This just made me feel good again about my job. Thanks!