Sunday, September 26, 2010

Innersprings Church

Not every Sunday finds me in a real church pew. Sometimes it is - as I have heard it called - the Church of the Innersprings that I attend. This was one of those stay at home mornings. Church starts with Charles Stanley who is a wonderful teacher of the Bible. When he finishes, I switch to the channel that carries the church I attended in Spartanburg for seven years. I enjoy the good music and look for familiar faces in the choir, and then I settle in for the message from the Australian pastor. Sometimes I feel a little lazy doing church this way, especially when I remember from somewhere in my distant past, one reason to go to church is to show which side you are on. But there are many who are not physically able to get out and go to church, and these televised services mean Sunday church to them. Just as it does to me when I am lazy.

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