Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kitchen Progress

It's been over three weeks since the kitchen renovation began, and even though not having a kitchen has its benefits, it will get finished. Two of the three biggies have been done. The new white cabinets are hung and filled back up, and the beautiful floor is down and sealed. I just love the feel of it under my bare feet. Today I went to choose the countertop. I followed the advice of many and decided on granite. Here are some of the slabs at the place. Mother Nature does some gorgeous work, but you have to see it up close. I chose a black.I will have to wait til it gets in to see what to do next, which will probably be selecting the backsplash. I'm sure that some people can plan ahead better than I, but doing it a step at a time seems to be the way my brain works. One of these days I will be slaving away in a pretty new kitchen, my nice no-cooking days behind me.

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